Perforated Polypropylene

2014 / One-offs

Polypropylene Chair

For a new MediaCorp series on Channel 5 titled Do It Yourself!, Hans Tan was invited to share DIY design ideas to the television audience over 2 episodes. Perforated Polypropylene DIY was created for this occasion, subjecting the ubiquitous plastic chair commonly found in coffeeshops, funerals and outdoor events to a torrent of 16mm holes. With just (lots of intense) human labour and an electric drill, one can transform a S$15 plastic chair into a surprising piece of furniture which can still hold the weight of a person if the holes are positioned strategically. Please try this at home, at your own risk.

The following design pieces were also demonstrated as DIY projects for the program: Uniquely Ikea (Bed Set & Clock) and Bundled Vase.

Do It Yourself! sypnosis:

Have you ever wondered how much money you can save by making something you need out of recycled materials, and refurbishing or repurposing an item? Follow our self-proclaimed designers, Matthew Chong and Amanda Chong (played by Benjamin and Naralle Kheng from Singapore indie band The Sam Willows), and not-so-popular artiste, Michelle Leong (played by Aileen Tan), through a series of hilarious skits and learn some crafty and ingenious projects from DIY gurus in Do It Yourself! (link to website)

The series runs every Tuesday 9:00 to 9:30pm, from 15 July to 07 October 2014.