Hans Tan was awarded Designer of the Year, President's Design Award 2018.

The Designer of the Year Award is conferred upon the nation’s most outstanding designer(s) with a consistently excellent body of work, and who has made a significant impact in his/her industry. PDA recognizes designers from all disciplines.

Administered by the DesignSingapore Council of the Ministry of Communications and Information, and the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), Singapore's most prestigious design award honours key achievements in design talents who made an impact on the community through work that improves the quality of life. Covering all design disciplines, including visual communications, architecture, fashion, furniture, interior, landscape, product and industrial design, the award is presented in two categories - Designer of the Year and Design of the Year.

For more information, visit: President's Design Award 2018


In Conjunction with “In Search of Southeast Asia through the M+ Collections”, M+ invited Hans Tan over to Hong Kong to shares his observations and strategies in reinterpreting the familiar and everyday.

8, Chancery Lane, Central
Hong Kong
9 July 2018

For more information, visit: M+ Talk


Pieces from the Spotted Nyonya collection along with Pour Table and a selected few of its material exploration pieces is currently being exhibited in the M+ Museum. 

In Search of Southeast Asia through the M+ Collections is the first exhibition to present how M+ is addressing the complex region of Southeast Asia in the building of its multidisciplinary collections.

Encompassing visual art, design and architecture, and moving image works from, and about, Southeast Asia— including the nations of Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam—the exhibition highlights how M+ is developing a unique perspective on the region as a place that is defined by multiple narratives, histories, and identities.

Featuring archival materials, architectural models, contemporary art installations, and moving image artworks, the exhibition illuminates the region’s historical and contemporary contexts as well as the flow of ideas across borders.

M+ Museum
Hong Kong
22 June - 30 September 2018

For more information, visit: M+ Museum


Singapoer Blue is currently exhibited in the Made in Holland: 400 Years A Global Brand exhibition at the Princessehof National Museum of Ceramics.

The Princessehof National Museum of Ceramics in Leeuwarden presents a high-profile exhibition on four Dutch success stories: Delft Blue, Maastricht pottery, Art Nouveau ceramics and Dutch Design.

Inspired by foreign techniques and styles, manufacturers in the Netherlands repeatedly came up with new products and made them successful. Impressive flower pyramids, colourful Boerenbont, popular Gouda pottery and the contemporary tableware of Scholten & Baijings tell the story of how the Netherlands became a world player in the field of ceramics.

Princessehof National Museum of Ceramics
2 June 2018 - 30 June 2019

For more information, visit: Made in Holland: 400 Years A Global Brand


Pieces from the Nyonya Collection will be exhibited at Changi Airpot Terminal 4's Peranakan Museum.

The gallery, a first-ever collaboration between Changi Airport Group and National Heritage Board, is unveiled by the Peranakan Museum to enhance the heritage experience as passengers get to discover and learn about the rich Peranakan culture.

The gallery’s displays are an introduction to the material culture of the Peranakan, and its influence on contemporary local design.

Peranakan Museum
Changi Airport Terminal 4
Departure transit area 
1 May 2018 onwards for 3 years

For more information, visit: Peranakan Museum


Hans was invited to participate as a speaker in the 3rd design educator forum organised by the Department of Architecture of the National University of Singapore. 

Design education like its praxis is a projective cast into the future, with the ambition to prepare designers and architects to anticipate, improve and to reimagine tomorrow. The process of developing design education has been incremental, reactionary and a constant reference to its pedagogical traditions. And for design or architectural schools embedded in the universities, there are the obligations of negotiating and accommodating overarching agenda. All these influences with their nuances of conforming and compromising may suggest a transformation that has limited efficacy in addressing the future. In the growing age of rapid changes, we will be confronting with many more of their adversities and potentials, the imperative may be to require a total rethink or revolutionize new paradigms for teaching and learning design.

This forum is about a conversation on the design of design education, rethinking its pedagogy and redefining the attributes of a design and architectural graduate for tomorrow. The four speakers are all design educators but are diverse in their design practices and academic leadership roles. Their reflections over their achievements and experiences will help us identify the frontiers, issues and conundrums for thinking about the shaping of design education for making the future.

LR 423
National Univerity of Singapore
23 April 2018


The Outside In collections was curated by The Artling to be exhibited in their inaugural design showcase located within the flagship art fair of the region, Art Stage Singapore.

As a part of Art Stage’s Southeast Asia Forum in 2018, focusing on the theme of cross-discplinary practices in art and design, The Artling aims to provide a peek into the diverse and exciting design scene of Southeast Asia, with a mix of specially-created and existing works from some of the region’s most interesting, up-and-coming designers.

The designers included in the showcase are representative of the changing dynamic here in the region and are prime examples of how functional design responds to the rapid growth occurring throughout Southeast Asia. The lines between art and design are gradually being blurred, as designers take more creative liberties, and push the boundaries of the definition of ‘design’.

Art Stage Singapore
Marina Bay Sands
26 - 28 January 2018

For more information, visit: The Artling


The Spotted Nyonya collection was exhibited by the Singapore Tourism Board during the anuual ITB Asia trade show in 2017.

Sands Expo & Convention Centre
Marina Bay Sands
25 - 27 October 2018

For more information, please visit: ITB Asia


Pieces from the Spotted Nyonya and Striped Ming collection were curated for Supermama's Porcelain and Craft Festival. 

Supermama Porcelain and Craft Festival 2017 is an expansion of the inaugural Supermama Porcelain Festival that was held the previous year. In a fast-paced world of quick demands and instant gratification, they invite you to take a step back with them, to simply enjoy quality materials and quality craftsmanship.

By adding the element of craft, Supermama hopes to introduce a wider perspective to what ‘workmanship’ truly means. Expect to be reintroduced to the stories and the craft that goes into common materials – Paper, furniture, wood, steel, and textiles – and how workmanship elevates them beyond ‘common’.

Supermama Gillman Barracks
47 Malan Road, #01-26
22 September - 01 October 2017

SCCC “Creativity in Pulses” Exhibition

Pieces from the Spotted Nyonya collection was exhibited in the Creativity in Pulses Exhibition.  

Held in conjunction with the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre’s (SCCC) official opening, this exhibition aims to bring fresh perspectives to the way we look at Singapore Chinese culture. The theme, Creativity in Pulses, evokes a culture that embraces both newness and tradition, showcasing fresh perspectives yet acknowledging a deep rootedness in our culture and heritage.

The 21 works by 19 artists speak of new interpretations and perspectives of seeing and understanding our culture, values, traditions and history through the “lenses” of the various artists.

The exhibition draws from a wide spectrum of artists at the cutting edge of Singapore’s creative scene. From filmmakers, product designers, graphic artists, photographers and installation artists, the works displayed at the exhibition hope to provoke thought and conversation through each artist’s unique parsing of aspects of local Chinese culture.

SCCC Gallery (Level 2)
20 May – 30 Sep 2017


No Such Luck was accepted for the Asian Civilisation Museum SIGCHI Creativity and Cognition Conference & Exhibition 2017 at the Art Science Museum.

Papers, posters, demos, pictorials, workshops, artworks, and graduate student symposium submissions investigating how interactive computing systems and socio-technical processes affect creativity were showcased. Of particular interest are contributions that relate to this year’s conference theme: Lifelong Creativity, Learning, and Innovation. The theme reflects our belief that creativity is a lifelong pursuit rather than a transient goal. We cherish creativity as a wonderful aspect of human experience, transformation and potentially transcendental. Creativity is the partner of inspiration, of moments when we seem to go beyond ourselves to reach new heights.

Art Science Musuem
47 Malan Road, #01-26
27 - 30 June 2017


Hans Tan was invited to present his vision of Singapore in 2065 for the exhibition, Tomorrow: Design Stories of Our Future.  

Tomorrow: Design Stories of Our Future is an exhibition of graphic works from President’s Design Award winners as well as illustrators. 10 designers and 10 illustrators from Singapore present their visions of her future today. Responding to 10 speculative questions of how we will communicate, connect, dress, eat, learn, live, play, relax, travel and work, these creatives were paired up to discuss and create stories together on one assigned aspect of life in Singapore on its centennial.

A book compiling the stories were also released under the same name, Tomorrow: Design Stories of Our Future.  

F1 Pit Building
7–12 March 2017


An exhibition featuring 15 talents from Singapore explore the magic in design through the looking glass of a new alchemy: a selection of tools and objects inspired by the alchemical process of transforming substances such as lead into gold. Curated by Stefan Casciani (italy) and Patrick Chia (singapore), and produced by Yoichi Nakamuta, the pieces on show at ‘the alchemists’ paid homage to the culture of the avant-garde in which various mediums were explored.

Pour (table) has been developed for this showcase, and will be exhibited alongside some pieces from the Spotted Nyonya Collection.

F1 Pit Building (Level 3)
7 - 12 March 2017


COPY-TIAM CHAIR was exhibited and distributed at the Shifting Objectives: Design from the M+ Collection exhibition.

M+’s debut design exhibition Shifting Objectives: Design from the M+ Collection - explores the many concepts and frameworks that have shaped and broadened our understanding of design.

Featuring dozens of key objects and works - from mid- twentieth century Japanese furniture, to familiar products from Hong Kong’s manufacturing heyday, to drones, ‘copied’ goods, and digitally-enabled and open-source practices - this groundbreaking show illustrates how design philosophies and practices have changed from the post-Second World War period until now. In so doing, Shifting Objectives outlines the growing contours of the M+ design collection, which is the first of its kind in Asia and a core pillar of M+.

M+ Museum
Hong Kong
30 November 2016 - 5 February 2017

For more information, visit: Shifting Objectives


Pieces from the Striped Ming and Spotted Nyonya Collection will be exhibited at San Jose Museum of Art.

San Jose Museum of Art will present the exhibition Beauty—Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial. The exhibition comprises 280 works by fifty-seven international, cutting-edge designers from twenty-seven countries, including Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, Iran, Italy, Mexico, The Netherlands, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, and the United States. 

Projects range from experimental prototypes and interactive games to high-tech fashion and architecture made possible by new material technologies; from forms enabled by advanced digital systems to fantastical creatures imagined and handmade by a cottage industry of South African beadworkers. Imagine, for example, a couture jacket that turns color based on the air temperature. Across the board, this exhibition is about beauty—and its uplifting, surprising, and inspiring impact on our lives. This exhibition lets visitors experience the delight of unfettered creativity that is simultaneously functional and smart, yet equally human, elegant, and witty.

San Jose Museum of Art
110 S Market St, San Jose
CA 95113, USA
7 October 2016 - 19 February 2017

For more information, visit: San Jose Museum of Art


Singapore Blue is currently exhibited at the Porcelain Festival organised by Supermama.

Porcelain is a material that is familiar to Asians. With a rich history dating back to periods even before the various dynasties, it is one of the most timeless materials to have graced the archives of dignitaries in the form of decorative objects of art. Supermama Porcelain Festival is an independent ceramics fair organised by Singapore-based crafts store, Supermama. The purpose is to introduce porcelain as a possible typography in the design of giftware, homeware and objet d’art.

Inspired and influenced by the porcelain culture in Arita, Japan, the inaugural fair was held from 16th to 30th September 2016 and will take place at 2 locations – Supermama’s Flagship Store in Beach Road and at Supermama Gallery Shop in Gillman Barracks. The Supermama Porcelain Festival is held in conjunction with Gillman Barracks’ 4th Anniversary Celebration. 

Supermama Gillman Barracks
47 Malan Road, #01-26
Singapore 109444
16 - 30 September 2016

For more information, visit: Supermama


The Spotted Nyonya and Pour Table being Design of the Year for 2012 and 2015 respectively, were part of an exhibition celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the President’s Design Award featuring works by award recipients from the past decade.

The year 2015 marked the 10th year since the establishment of the President’s Design Award (PDA). To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of PDA, an exhibition that showcases the impact that the award recipients have made to everyday life has been produced.

It will inspire and engender pride in the design community to enhance their capabilities and professional practice so that they too may aspire towards this award. It will cultivate and nurture an appreciation of quality design and its impact on everyday lives in visitors.

National Design Centre, Atrium
8 March - 8 April 2016


Pieces from the Striped Ming and Spotted Nyonya Collection will be exhibited at Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum for its Triennial.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum will present “Beauty—Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial,” the fifth installment of the museum’s popular contemporary design exhibition series. With projects ranging from experimental prototypes and interactive games to fashion ensembles and architectural interventions, “Beauty” will fill most of two floors of the museum with more than 250 works by 62 designers from around the globe. 

“Featuring recent work from the most outstanding voices in the global design scene, ‘Beauty’ will expand the discourse around the transformative power of aesthetic innovation,” said Caroline Baumann, director of the museum. “The exhibition will celebrate design as a creative endeavor that engages the mind, body and senses with works of astonishing form and surprising function.”

Organized by Assistant Curator Andrea Lipps and Senior Curator of Contemporary Design Ellen Lupton, the exhibition explores beauty through seven lenses: extravagant, intricate, ethereal, transgressive, emergent, elemental and transformative.

Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum
2 East 91st Street
New York, NY 10128
12 Febuary - 21 August 2016

For more information, visit:


"Leo Cycloid Tessella Alcantara" was produced to represent Singapore in the Local Icons. East/West project held at MAXXI the Italian National Museum of XXI Century Arts in Rome, curated by Giulio Cappellini and Domitilla Dardi.

With Local Icons. East/West the designers Studio Job, Constance Guisset, Poetic Lab, Mischer Traxler, Gam Fratesi, Neri&Hu, Hans Tan, Michael Young, Poetic Lab and Cosmas Gozali interpret 10 capitals belonging to two geopolitical macro-areas through an object that embodies their essence in an imaginary dialogue between East and West.

Through a direct and indirect dialogue with the designers, Alcantara and MAXXI have staged a fresh cultural debate, an exchange of views between two different ways of life in contemporary metropolises, channelling these reflections into prototypes that are asked to capture the essence of the places.

MAXXI Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo
Via Guido Reni, 4/A
00196 Rome
05 Febuary - 28 Febuary 2016

For more information, visit:



An exhibition featuring 15 talents from Singapore explore the magic in design through the looking glass of a new alchemy: a selection of tools and objects inspired by the alchemical process of transforming substances such as lead into gold. Curated by Stefan Casciani (italy) and Patrick Chia (singapore), and produced by Yoichi Nakamuta, the pieces on show at ‘the alchemists’ paid homage to the culture of the avant-garde in which various mediums were explored.

Pour (table) has been developed for this showcase, and will be exhibited alongside some pieces from the Spotted Nyonya Collection.


Singapore Art Museum
15 - 31 January 2016


Singapore Blue will be exhibited alongside some previous works such as Fruitbowl Lah, Merlion Shopper and Picture Perfect Postcard in this retrospective exhibition, together with more than 90 works created by the designers that started the "Singapore Souvenirs movement".

National Design Centre
25 July - 16th August 2015
9am till 9pm daily

For more information, visit: SingaporeSouvenirsFacebookPage


Hans Tan has been invited by the Taiwan Design Centre to exhibit at the "Rising Asian Stars" segment of the 5th Creative Expo Taiwan. 30 emerging designers form 7 Asian countries have been selected to participate. Striped Ming 9,10,11&12 and Singapore Blue will debut at this exhibition. 

Songshan Cultural and Creative Park
29 April - 04 May 2015

For more information, visit:


Hans Tan has been invited by Kinetic to exhibit "Bundled Vase" at a project titled ‘Bank of Kinetic‘ (聚寶苑), alongside 49 other local creatives to joint and make up 50 in celebration of Singapore’s Golden Jubilee. This exhibition project is part of the 2015 national celebrations of Singapore’s 50th year of independence. An international showcase of Singapore’s creative talent across creative sectors such as the arts, music, film, design, dining and fashion. It aims to refresh international perceptions and profile Singapore as a vibrant creative city.

The Bank of Kinetic will travel to Beijing (22 to 24 Apr 2015), London (10 to 14 Jun 2015), New York City (30 Sept to 4 Oct 2015) and return to Singapore (20 to 29 Nov 2015).

For more information, visit:


An exhibition featuring 15 talents from Singapore explore the magic in design through the looking glass of a new alchemy: a selection of tools and objects inspired by the alchemical process of transforming substances such as lead into gold. Curated by Stefan Casciani (italy) and Patrick Chia (singapore), and produced by Yoichi Nakamuta, the pieces on show at ‘the alchemists’ paid homage to the culture of the avant-garde in which various mediums were explored.

Pour (table) has been developed for this showcase, and will be exhibited alongside some pieces from the Spotted Nyonya Collection.

La Triennale di Milano
14th – 19th April 2015
Milan Design Week

For more informaion, visit:


Fruitbowl Lah, The Merlion Shopper, and the Spotted Nyonya Collection were selected for the permanent exhibition curated by the Singapore Design Council that chronicles the development of the Singapore design scene from its early years in the 1960s, through maturity, into the vibrant industry that we see today, the design industry has emerged into a creative powerhouse and a key driver of a nation’s innovation-based economy.

National Design Centre
9:00 AM to 9:00 PM Daily

For more information, visit:


Striped Ming won a merit recognition for Design For Asia Award 2014.  

For more information visit:


Lumber was selected and installed at the Sentosa – Beach Station and Merlion Plaza.

Organised by URA, “Pick a bench, Pick a place” is an opportunity for the public to tell us where you would like to have more seating around Singapore. Choose from a total of 24 locations and 24 bench designs, 15 public spaces with the most votes will each have up to four unique benches installed. All benches will be made using seating planks from the former National Stadium, designed from the former project BENCH.

For more information visit:


Hans Tan is one of 10 designers invited by the Thailand Department of International Trade Promotion for the Asia Talents 10 Eco Designers exhibition symposium. Bundled Vase will debut, as well as  Striped Ming No.3,4,5,6 &7.

Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, Bangkok, Thailand
18th – 21st September 2014


Singapore’s one of a kind art space, the Museum of Art & Design is now bigger, better and insanely bolder in what it plans to achieve in the coming years. The Museum of Art & Design is celebrating its move to a larger space, which is still in the heart of Orchard at Tanglin Road. With this move, it promises to offer a more comprehensive programme that includes showcases and workshops from an exciting line up of established and emerging artists from all over the world. What is more interesting to know is that MAD will also be dedicating its new space to lend a greater support and emphasis on the growing importance of design in Asia. In addition, the museum also hopes to work closely with the government, curators, corporations, and other galleries to help nurture local designers and artists to elevate Singapore’s status as an art and design hub in South East Asia.

With eighteen artists, 10 countries and 19,000 sq. ft. of art and design space, the Museum is celebrating its new chapter with a big bang. Established as well as emerging artists from all over the world including Japan, Korea, China, Singapore, Thailand and France will be showing their collections in the various spaces within the new two-storey building. From paintings, sculptures, furniture to graffiti, the genres of art and design presented at this opening promise to be diverse and dazzling. A special tribute will be presented to show love to the late Taiwanese artist Chiu Ya Tsai who passed away in April of 2013. Also expect heavyweights in the industry namely, Song Wei (China), Kim Robinson (Australia/HongKong), Wu Yong Ping (China), Danny Yung (HongKong), Lee Kiyoung (Korea), KONGO Cyril Phan (France) as well as emerging upstarts like Yuji Mizuta (Japan), Wu Tung-Lung (Taiwan), Saran Yen (Thailand), Li Shi Guang (China) and Bruno de Caumont (France). There will also be familiar names like Hans Tan (Singapore), Jeffrey Ho (Singapore), and Ismadi Sallehudin (Malaysia). Also, sculptors to watch out for like Hsu Yung Hsu (Taiwan), Shi Jian Min (China) and Yang Fan (China) will also be present to make the launch a very comprehensive and thought provoking affair.

Mad Museum of Art & Design
10 Tanglin Road #01-01/#02-01
13th September 2014

For more information visit:


Singapore Design Week in March 2014 sees the launch of Industry+, a new collection of furniture and product design from Singapore. This debut collection showcases the best of contemporary Singapore design – from much-anticipated designers such as Studio Juju, OutofStock, Olivia Lee, Jackson Tan and Hans Tan, as well as celebrated architects Colin Seah (Ministry of Design), Koichiro Ikebuchi (Atelier Ikebuchi), and VW+BS. The launch debuts a curated collection that is utilitarian in approach. Industry+ products use experimental production techniques, combined with artisanal craftsmanship. The result is high quality industrial products that are beautiful enough to collect – employing techniques in industrial production as well as art and design. Though uncompromising in quality, Industry+ products are offered at attainable prices. 

For the debut collection, Industry+ designers were asked to investigate the role of design and it’s relationship with every day life. Some responded with designs that questioned identity – of national identity and also of the self - and some responded with questions about process itself. This debut collection is a creative expression of 8 Singaporean designers, told through every day objects. Spring Tray was designed and presented for this occasion.  

National Design Centre
12th - 31st March 2014
9am till 9pm daily

For more information, visit


BENCH is a project that remembers one of our most beloved icons, the former National Stadium. The stadium that witnessed countless concerts, football matches, and our National Day Parades. bench creates unique furniture made from planks culled from the National Stadium to be placed back into the cityscape. bench allows memories of a national icon to be shaped by our local creative community; and for the public an opportunity to retain a keepsake of their memories through a meaningful public campaign.

Hans Tan is one of twenty-five designers/artist/architects comissioned to recapture and rethink this piece of memory through the design of an outdoor bench made from actual wooden planks salvaged from the stadium. The resulting work, Lumber, was exhibited at URA.

Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore
28 Februrary - 18 June 2013


President’s Design Award 2012: Spotted Nyonya wins Design of the Year

Spotted Nyonya wins Design of the Year, President's Design Award 2012.

Administered by the DesignSingapore Council of the Ministry of Communications and Information, and the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), Singapore's most prestigious design award honours key achievements in design talents who made an impact on the community through work that improves the quality of life. Covering all design disciplines, including visual communications, architecture, fashion, furniture, interior, landscape, product and industrial design, the award is presented in two categories - Designer of the Year and Design of the Year.

For more information, visit: President's Design Award 2012

Here a clip produced by Anonymous for the President's Design Award:


The inaugral launch of Creative Cultures: The Singapore Showcase in Tokyo features an exhibition of selected work, including Spotted Nyonya Teapot.

Designed by Underscore and curated by Yiochi Nakamutu, Creative Cultures: The Singapore Showcase is a platform to showcase various creative diciplines in singapore through a publication, website, exhibition and film. This inaugral publication showcases more than 100 creatives across various creative fileds in Singapore. With an irreversible scratch-and-see gold hardcover, uncover an original curation of Singapore's creative culture with over 280 pages of visuals and interviews. The publication is available for sale at all leading bookstores nationwide.

Tokyo Midtown Hall
31 Oct 2012 - 04 Nov 2012
11:00 - 20:00 daily

for more information, visit


100% Design Singapore
Hans is invited to speak at 100% Design Singapore. 11th October, 5:00pm.

100% X – 55:75:95
Petrified Victoria and Spotted Nyonya is exhibited at 100% X, an exhibition unique to the 100% Design Singapore exhibition. This year’s theme, 55:75:95 is conceptualised by award-winning design consultancy VW+BS. 55:75:95 represent the different table heights that are used for live, work and play, with the aim of showcasing lifestyles and cultural differences in design whilst highlighting the Southeast Asian identity. One of the key features includes Moroso’s interpretation of the live, work and play environments through their installation.

10 – 12 October 2012 | Marina Bay Sands
Sands Expo and Convention Center, Singapore

For more information, visit


Hans Tan has been invited by MUJI as the moderator for the Product Fitness Concept Talk, in a session that includes reknowned Japanese Product Designer Naoto Fukasawa and the President and Representative Director, Ryohin Keikaku Co. Ltd., Masaaki Kanai.

03 August 2012


Hans gives a Trade School Class titled: Imagination Aerobics

"Come prepared to sweat your mind out through a series of mind aerobics designed to encourage creativity. Everyone has the capacity to be creative, and it is certainly an aptitude that can be improved with practise. Participants in this class will engage in a variety of exercises that develop mental skills and habits of creative thinking. Some of these exercises are also tools that could be utilised in a creative work process, and some are games that provide opportunities for practising creativity. Immediate weight loss is not promised, but you might feel big headed after class. As some exercises leverage on the use of language, participants should be fluent in English."

Block 8D #03-03/4, Dempsey Hill
13 June 2012
7:30 - 9:30pm

For more information, visit: Trade School Singapore

SingaPlural 2012: Copy-tiam Chair

1000 A3 sheets of Copy-tiam Chair formed a stack at Singaplural, Singapore Furniture Design Week 2012, where visitors were free to tear off a copy of the blueprint for themselves as part of the ‘LifeStories Chair Showcase’.

Singapore Expo
09 - 11 March 2012


Hans has been invited to speak at Wandering Sons, a three part social performance celebrating the ideas throughout history.

Port Tumasik
24A Bali Lane
26 November 2011, 4pm

Maison&Objet 2011: Spotted Nyonya wins “Les Découvertes” Award

Spotted Nyonya was awarded the distinction of “Les Découvertes” (most inventive product award) as part of the “Now! design à vivre” show at the the fall edition of Maison&Objet 2011 in Paris.

For more information, visit Maison&Objet Paris


Imaginary Lamp (debut) and Idea of a Clock are represented by Chan Hampe Galleries at 'Inter_play'.

A unique showcase of one-off and limited edition pieces by leading Australian and Singaporean practitioners whose individual practices challenge the notions of art and design. This collaborative exhibition by Chan Hampe Galleries (Singapore) and Spiro Grace Art Rooms (Australia) presents a unique opportunity for international cultural exchange and a playful exploration of cultural identity. Reflecting on the convergence of art and design disciplines, Inter_play brings to light the intricacies of interdisciplinary practice within contemporary cultural production in the Asia Pacific region.

Curators: Benjamin Milton Hampe, Renai Grace and Jenni Baxter

Chan Hampe Galleries
@ Raffles Hotel Arcade
#01-04, 328 North Bridge Rd
Singapore 188719
Open Daily 11am – 7pm
21 May – 04 June 2011


Idea of a Clock and Fruitbowl Lah are represented by M.U.H at the LINEART Art Fair as part of a special section "Focus on Singapore".

"Design/art, cross/disciplinary & cross/cultural work from Singapore. M.U.H. aims to function as a brand image of the city of Singapore through the representation of a certain identity of the city. The global city of Singapore as a vibrant multicultural haven and a place where different worlds collide acts as the backdrop for works of a hybrid nature. The selected works cut across disciplines and cultures, while blurring the distinction between art and design." Exhibiting artist/designers: Michael Lee, Justin Lee, Jason Lim, Hans Tan, Shih Yun, Andree Weschler, Little-Red-Dots, Anita Nevens, Tanny Wong, Jane Cowie, Noriko Suzuki-Bosco.

Ghent, Belgium
03 - 07 December 2010


“V for Vase” presents the results of a workshop collaboration between Hans Tan Studio and the National University of Singapore Industrial Design Programme. The “imaginative thinking” workshop directed by Hans Tan consisted of a series of progressive exercises aimed at unraveling one’s imaginal thoughts and developing lateral thinking. “Vase” was chosen as the subject to be reconceptualized by each of the final year industrial design students who attended.

The exhibition reveals 23 conceptual vases and documents more than a hundred unique vase definitions developed during the workshop, all of which prove to be more telling than its original meaning as found in the dictionary – “An open container, usually used for holding flowers or for ornamentation.”

Old City Hall Level 3 Courtroom 17
3 Saint Andrew’s Road Singapore 178958
21 November to 29 November 11am - 7pm daily
21 November Saturday 7pm - 9pm *opening party*

For more information


Triggered by a lack of meaningful and representative local souvenirs, Singapore Souvenirs is a project to explore, design and produce objects that fill this gap. A Singapore souvenir serves as a meaningful memento for visitors, but could also act as a reflective medium for Singaporeans as we embrace our identity. Hence, this project raises design awareness through the local context, featuring souvenirs (some for sale, some for free) conceptualised by 8 local designers: Winston Chai, Lee Tze Ming, Yap Hock Heng, Hans Tan, Tan Chia Wee, Edwin Low, John Chan,Yong Jieyu.

Old City Hall, Level 3 Lobby
20 Nov - 30 Nov 2009
10.30am - 7:00pm daily
Opening Party: 21 Nov 2009
Saturday 7:00pm


“Idea of a Clock” will be exhibited at the ’t BUURTHUIS / The Community Centre: Social interaction by art and design exhibition.

The Community Centre / ’t BUURTHUIS
KOP, Speelhuislaan 171 Breda, Netherlands
September 12th till November 2nd
Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 1 to 5pm.