Photo Credit: E&Y Photo Credit: E&Y Photo Credit: E&Y Photo Credit: E&Y Photo Credit: E&Y Process of lowering a bowl onto a bed of springs using CAD  and capturing the deformed state, where final one on the right is 3D-printed.

Spring Tray

2014 / Editions

Selective Laser Sintered Nylon

185 x 185 x 42 mm

Noticing how fruits got bruised when you leave them on a flat hard surface when it yields under its own weight while it ripens and softens, it led to imagining how one could over-engineer a vessel that held fruits or objects as graceful as possible, and at the same time giving a visual indication of that intent. The lightness of a vessel not just expressed though its material or visual quality, but “in the manner it which it holds”. Experimenting with the spring-like quality of nylon when 3d printed in small profiles, the eventual vessel was created using CAD sofware to digitally freeze an instance where a flat bed of springs is shaped by a lowered bowl-form that depresses the top surface.

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