after and before

Striped Ming No.2

2013 / Editions


H27 x Dia14.5 cm

Edition of 10

The original porcelain vessels of the Striped Ming collection are sourced from old shops and thrift stores and they usually lie on dust filled shelves as dead-stock. Once decorative and sought after, such as those modelled after the definitive Chinese blue and white porcelain that reached its zenith during the Ming Dynasty, shifts in contemporary aesthetics has now rendered them kitschy and old-fashioned. These found porcelain vessels are subjected to the same process developed for Spotted Nyonya, transforming the original glazed surface into a striped pattern. The process revitalises these unfashionable porcelain pieces deemed for waste, resuscitating their value by imbuing them with a renewed aesthetic experience.

For more information about the making process, see Spotted Nyonya.