Inverse Batik

2013 / Commissions

Mist Bleached Fabric
Acrylic Box Frame

Inspired by the traditional wax-resist dye method used to create Batik where the repeated process of applying wax to mask selective areas of fabric and dyeing it creates intricate patterns, a unique process was developed to inverse this age old technique. Instead of building up layers of pattern as with Batik, the inverse technique permanently erases colour from specific areas of an existing patterned fabric with 10-15 layers of bleach mist each to create a new visual layer.

For a series commissioned by EDB, the typography of a 1968 New Year’s Day quote about economic growth by Former Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew has been “etched” into the constitution of an orchid patterned fabric, as with his vision leaving an incredible mark in the fabric of society in modern Singapore.