Ghim Moh No.1 to 6 Ghim Moh No.4 Ghim Moh No.4

Ghim Moh No.1 to 6

2023 / Editions

3D Printed ABS Plastic

Ghim Moh No.1 to No.6 is a series of six 3D printed hanging lamp shades. Each lampshade is printed in a single shot as a hollow torus-based shell with no support material within or outside the shell, achieving zero waste material in the printing process. The thin double surface layer diffuse light akin to egg shell porcelain.

The challenge was to design as many distinct lampshades as possible within the constraints of printing with no support material inside or outside the object. This meant that every curve on the each shape cannot exceed an overhang of 44 degrees in every direction.

This was originally designed for my home located in Ghim Moh (Singapore) in 2017, releasing it for the first time in 2023 when I moved out, as a homage to my first apartment. The 3D printable files are free to download via links below, you are free to print it for your own use. I hope you enjoy a piece of my home in yours.

Ghim Moh No.1 Ghim Moh No.2 Ghim Moh No.3 Ghim Moh No.4 Ghim Moh No.5 Ghim Moh No.6


​Assemble with standard light fittings, E27 bulb holder and E27 LED bulb. The inside surface of the lampshade is shaped to hang comfortably on a standard bulb size. Do not not use tungsten bulb types as they are too hot for the plastic.


Each .zip file contains printable .stl and .edm files of the lamp shade.

​Download Ghim Moh No. 1 here> .zip file

​Download Ghim Moh No. 2 here> .zip file

​Download Ghim Moh No. 3 here> .zip file

​Download Ghim Moh No. 4 here> .zip file

​Download Ghim Moh No. 5 here> .zip file

​Download Ghim Moh No. 6 here> .zip file


Important Notes:

The lamps are designed to be printed in ABS plastic. Print settings may vary according to the 3D printer you use. Play around with the setting to achieve optimal prints results. You may use these settings as a starting point:

  • Layer Thickness: 0.15mm
  • Infill: none
  • Unsolid Model
  • No Raft
  • No Support
  • Extrusion Width: 0.47mm

Print at your own risk!

Ghim Moh No.3 Ghim Moh No.3