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Sarong Party

2019 / Editions

Sandblasted Porcelain


One Offs/ Limited Editions

This series of work transforms out-dated porcelain vessels sourced from old shops and thrift stores in Singapore. Made with the Resist Blasting technique where parts of the original glaze is strategically removed to expose the white porcelain bisque beneath, this series is subjected to a double-blast that achieves the embossed porcelain effect.

The pattern is appropriated from the Singapore Airlines sarong kebaya batik which represents the pinnacle of Asian hospitality. The resist blast administered to the bottom two-third of each piece takes after the Sarong, a traditional length of (batik) cloth worn around the waist in Southeast Asia. The original glaze is preserved at the top third of the vessel so that a contrast of the old and new is observable.

Close up of Sarong Party 997
Close up of Sarong Party 997