2017 / One-offs

Pro-limiters is a collection of speculative artefacts for an alternative future world where augmented reality is ubiquitous. With reality meditated through augmentation, digitalisation, artificial intelligence and holography, our perception of reality has been desensitised as computer-generated sensory blends with the real world environment. Therefore, with these “essential products” that assist us in neutralising and negotiating with the veil of mediated reality, this project experiments with the plausible social, emotional and cognitive implications of these phenomena.

Pro-limiters is created for the book, Tomorrow: Design Stories of Our Future that was published by Black and edited by Justin Zhuang. 10 designers and 10 illustrators from Singapore present their visions of what a day in this city would look like come 2065. Responding to 10 speculative questions of how we will communicate, connect, dress, eat, learn, live, play, relax, travel and work, these creatives were paired up to discuss and create stories together on one assigned aspect of life in Singapore on its centennial.