Pour Pour Pour Pour Pour (monochrome) Pour (monochrome) Pour (monochrome)


2015 / Editions

Epoxy Resin, Powder-coated steel

530H x 500dia mm

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Pour is side table that resulted from explorations that arose from questioning fabrication techniques and processes, more specifically, plastic resin-casting methods. The work also aligns to itself to the artisanal approach to production, developing craftsmanship techniques to produce the table otherwise unachievable with automation.

Essentially “moulding without a mould”, each table is made by casting the table surface upside down without any walls to hold the liquid resin in. The concept of the making process is Inspired by Kueh Lapis Sagu, a traditional Malay/Peranakan steamed pastry. Each colour is individually poured with precise control of curing durations in succession so that each colour to not mix with the adjacent one, resulting in the multi-coloured effect within a single seamless surface. This is made possible with a unique concoction of a fast curing epoxy resin system blended with fillers that renders the resin viscous yet pourable, and resulting in a surface tension that “puddles up” despite gravity on an open surface like a baked macaroon.