2013 / Commissions

Salvaged Wood Planks
Metal Fittings

2700 x 440 x 440 mm

Once logged from trees, the seating planks of the former Stadium are returned to the primordial state of a trunk as a tribute to the Stadium - a genesis of Singapore’s progress through its support of many national events. With the worn out surface of the planks from years of weathering, they lie together like a fallen trunk where one would instinctively sit, offering the same support to the passer-by it once rendered to crowds.

The bench is commisioned by URA and FARM for the BENCH project, and is currently situated as a public seating at the URA Centre.

BENCH is a project organised by URA and FARM to remember the former National Stadium in a special way. The old National Stadium was a national icon and has witnessed countless concerts, football matches and National Day parades. Opened in July 1973, the National Stadium was closed on 30 June 2007 to make way for the Singapore Sports Hub and the new Singapore National Stadium in 2014.

The old National Stadium has many memories for all—both on a personal and on a national level. The invited designers to recapture and rethink this piece of memory through the design of an outdoor bench made from actual wooden planks salvaged from the stadium itself.