Singapore Design Week in March 2014 sees the launch of Industry+, a new collection of furniture and product design from Singapore. This debut collection showcases the best of contemporary Singapore design – from much-anticipated designers such as Studio Juju, OutofStock, Olivia Lee, Jackson Tan and Hans Tan, as well as celebrated architects Colin Seah (Ministry of Design), Koichiro Ikebuchi (Atelier Ikebuchi), and VW+BS. The launch debuts a curated collection that is utilitarian in approach. Industry+ products use experimental production techniques, combined with artisanal craftsmanship. The result is high quality industrial products that are beautiful enough to collect – employing techniques in industrial production as well as art and design. Though uncompromising in quality, Industry+ products are offered at attainable prices. 

For the debut collection, Industry+ designers were asked to investigate the role of design and it’s relationship with every day life. Some responded with designs that questioned identity – of national identity and also of the self - and some responded with questions about process itself. This debut collection is a creative expression of 8 Singaporean designers, told through every day objects. Spring Tray was designed and presented for this occasion.  

National Design Centre
12th - 31st March 2014
9am till 9pm daily

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