100% Design Singapore
Hans is invited to speak at 100% Design Singapore. 11th October, 5:00pm.

100% X – 55:75:95
Petrified Victoria and Spotted Nyonya is exhibited at 100% X, an exhibition unique to the 100% Design Singapore exhibition. This year’s theme, 55:75:95 is conceptualised by award-winning design consultancy VW+BS. 55:75:95 represent the different table heights that are used for live, work and play, with the aim of showcasing lifestyles and cultural differences in design whilst highlighting the Southeast Asian identity. One of the key features includes Moroso’s interpretation of the live, work and play environments through their installation.

10 – 12 October 2012 | Marina Bay Sands
Sands Expo and Convention Center, Singapore

For more information, visit www.100percentdesign.com.sg


Hans Tan has been invited by MUJI as the moderator for the Product Fitness Concept Talk, in a session that includes reknowned Japanese Product Designer Naoto Fukasawa and the President and Representative Director, Ryohin Keikaku Co. Ltd., Masaaki Kanai.

03 August 2012


Hans gives a Trade School Class titled: Imagination Aerobics

"Come prepared to sweat your mind out through a series of mind aerobics designed to encourage creativity. Everyone has the capacity to be creative, and it is certainly an aptitude that can be improved with practise. Participants in this class will engage in a variety of exercises that develop mental skills and habits of creative thinking. Some of these exercises are also tools that could be utilised in a creative work process, and some are games that provide opportunities for practising creativity. Immediate weight loss is not promised, but you might feel big headed after class. As some exercises leverage on the use of language, participants should be fluent in English."

Block 8D #03-03/4, Dempsey Hill
13 June 2012
7:30 - 9:30pm

For more information, visit: Trade School Singapore


1000 A3 sheets of Copy-tiam Chair formed a stack at Singaplural, Singapore Furniture Design Week 2012, where visitors were free to tear off a copy of the blueprint for themselves as part of the ‘LifeStories Chair Showcase’.

Singapore Expo
09 - 11 March 2012


Hans has been invited to speak at Wandering Sons, a three part social performance celebrating the ideas throughout history.

Port Tumasik
24A Bali Lane
26 November 2011, 4pm